Harbor of Refuge

$ 19.95

Author: Joseph A. Tringali
Publisher: Calkins Harbor Publishing
Edition Date: 2017
Number of Pages: 508
Hardcover Elite Reader
ISBN: 978-0-9998698-0-2

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Harbor of Refuge tells the stories of the lives and loves of the people who live
at Cap’n Kelly’s Marina in the small, often bypassed town of Calkins Harbor,

Marilyn Dupré moves to Calkins Harbor to escape a life that was going nowhere
in her native New Orleans, and is introduced to the world of liveaboard
boaters by Margaret “Grandma” Calkins, the widow of the late Cap’n Kelly
himself. Among them is the mysterious Jack Townsend. Rumors fly as to how
a handsome loner came to live in such a place, and Marilyn is going to be the
one to find out. Is it the Law of Karma or is it fate?

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