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Calkins Harbor is a town that grew old without growing up. . .


It might be a place on an island off the coast of Maine or Massachusetts; Oregon or California. It could be one of the Lake Erie Islands, or far up in the north country of Lake Superior. It might not be on an island at all – just a small town nestled in the Adirondacks or high in the Rocky Mountains. Wherever it is, it’s the place you’ll always remember; the place where you felt the innocence and beauty of life; the place where you fell in love.

Our Calkins Harbor is a town on an island off the southwest coast of Florida. Time moves slowly there: hot, sunny days fade into warm evenings that stretch into long, languid nights. The town is the scene of our first novel, Harbor of Refuge, a story about the people who have made Cap’n Kelly’s Marina their home. It’s a wonderful tale about life and love, and what it really means to be a family.

When we created our small publishing company, it was only natural to put it in the town we loved best . . . our very own Calkins Harbor.

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